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The website is designe to connect to our community. Within HiddenLeaf City you are able to read blogs about us, you can also write your experience, find our contact information, and support our brand by getting our exclusive products.
We do not give away gifts with orders placed through this website. In order to qualify for a gift in DC, you will have to order through our Donation Form

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Beyond providing wellness to the community, Hiddenleaf strives to set a positive example locally, and beyond. Founded upon a culture of mutual respect, responsibility, and fairness, customer service is our primary and only motive. We believe in personal wellness, and seeking alternative, holistic means to achieving your healthy mind and body. Our brand, beyond our delivery service, creates a positive impact in our community through a variety of means, such as providing for the sick, hosting local events, and engaging with the government towards the advancement of legal medicinal and recreational cannabis, as well as equal representation for DC’s diverse citizenry. We are more than a brand, we are a lifestyle.